Hydrology and Sediments

The flows of streams joining Jhelum River from China rito Domel are computed by taking the difference of flow sat these gauging stations and then the same is applied with catch men tratio to Agar Stream and estimated the flows at weir site. The measured flows at Mahl River for about one year have also been considered infinalising the flows series of Agar Stream at Hariyola. The catchment area of Agar Stream at proposed weiris 117km2.

A gauge has been established at Agar Stream in April 2009 and flow measurements have been carried out by the Consultants. The estimated and observed flows are matching and considered realistic comparing specific flows at Mahl River at HariGhel.

The mean monthly flows vary from 1.18 to 8.84 m3/s with mean annual value of 3.71m3/s. The design flood for weir is taken as 181m3/s for are turn period of 1,000 years. Long term data available at nearest hydrological station Domel has been considered to assess the suspendedand bed sediment loadin Agar nullah by developing a relationship between flows and sediment concentration in pp mas given below.
Y = 5.521 X 0.597
Y = sediment concentration (ppm)
X = discharge (m3/s)