The rocks exposed in the proposed Hariyola hydropower project area are sedimentary in origin. Murree formation exposed in the project area is mainly comprised of sandstone with alternate beds of shale / claystone. Sandstone is generally massive, sparsely jointed, moderately weathered.

It is envisaged that no major problem is expected during the process of head race channel excavation. The fore bay and pen stock would be excavated partly in overburden and partly in rock comprising mainly of sandstone and shale/ clay stone. The power house is proposed on the left bank of Agar Stream aflatalluvialterrace. The material is mainly comprised of overburden (RBGMand ABGM).

A sub-surface investigation plan was recommended by the Consultants which will be conducted through third party. The investigation plan includes drilling, excavation of test pits and trenches, laboratory testing and seismic refraction surveys. The data so obtained will be utilized for detailed designing of the structures involved in the project.

A good quality of coarse and fine aggregate material is available in ample quantity in the close vicinity of the project area. Cement and steel locally manufactured in the country and are readily available.