Based on estimated quantities and updated unit rates that project cost including transportation, erection, engineering and supervision, project administration, and import charges including interest during construction has been worked as PKR 2915.794 million with foreign exchange component of PKR 1795.782 million. The cost for civil works has been estimated as PKR 1416.906 million; whereas, cost for electro-mechanical equipment is PKR 1978.810 million. The price index has been taken as of November 2009 with foreign currency exchange rate of 1.00 US $ = Rs. 82.0. The proposed project would require a period of 36 months for implementation.

The estimated cost of the project would produce cheap energy with levelised tariff of Rs. 6.399/kWh. This hydropower scheme is an economically viable with EIRR and FIRR as 24.85% and 14.56% respectively and with B/C of 1.66 to meet the local area power demand and to connect it with National grid at low rate tariff.